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Carseat Tips For New Parents Part 3

Child In CarseatIf you do plan on purchasing a pre-owned vehicle it’s important that you learn the history of it before you do so. This is why it is so important that you purchase a carseat from someone that you know and never from a thrift store. You should know whether it has been through a car accident and the only way to be for certain that it hasn’t is if you buy it off of someone else you know.

After you purchase a carseat you need to remember that the installation is an extremely important part. If it isn’t installed correctly it could do more damage than good. There are plenty of ways to learn how to install a seat. One of the best things you could do is visit a local safety check station which is usually at a police station.

You should first do the inch test. This is where you will tug at the base where the seatbelt goes through the seat. If you can move it more than an inch in any direction then something isn’t right. You really shouldn’t be able to move it at all. Next you’ll want to do the pinch test. The harnesses that buckle your child into there seat need to be tight and put through the correct slots. Make sure that the chest clip is at your child’s armpit level. The strap remaining above the clip shouldn’t have much slack in it and you should try to pinch it. If you can’t do this then the seat is good so far.

To make sure that you child is safe in their carseat you should make sure that you read the next article. Until then you can visit Nelson Nissan where you can find a great selection of new Nissan cars near Owasso.

December Sales Numbers For Nissan Group

Nissan DealershipIt’s a great year to be on the Nissan team! We saw some incredible increases in sales numbers for the Nissan lineup for this December and even increases in sales for the entire year. If you aren’t part of the Nissan crew yet then it may be time to jump on board.

For December 2016 we saw a total of 134,545 units sold which is an increase of 8.3 percent and for the whole year they sold 1,426,130 units. This was a pretty excellent sales year for the Nissan lineup. We did see decreases in sales for the cars, but this is alright because the increase in sales for the SUVs, crossovers, and trucks. The Nissan Maxima did increase its sales in December by 10.9 percent and 55.3 percent for the whole year. The Nissan Leaf electric car sold a total of 1,899 units which was a 41 percent increase for the month of December. The Nissan Frontier is an excellent truck and it sold a total of 6,069 units for the month of December and 86,926 units for the entire year. The year over year increase was by 38.4 percent. The Nissan Titan also had an extreme increase for its Decembers sales by 331.8 percent with 4,396 units sold. The best selling vehicle for the Nissan lineup was the Nissan Rogue. This Nissan crossover sold a total of 40,477 units in December and 329,904 units for the entire year. These are both extreme increases and we expect to see even better numbers for the 2017 year. The Pathfinder, Armada, and Murano Sports Utility Vehicles also had incredible sales numbers for the whole year. The Pathfinder sold a total of 9,368 units in December.

Whenever you’re ready to experience some of the excellence that is offered by the new Nissan cars in Muskogee you can visit Nelson Nissan. They will be happy to show you their vehicles as well as pick one out that fits your needs best. Call now to schedule your appointment.

Things To Know Before Purchasing Auto Insurance Part 6

Auto InsuranceThroughout this series we’ve been talking about the many different areas of auto insurance in hopes that we can better educate those out there that may not know a lot about the area. If you own a vehicle then at some point you’ll have to face the reality of auto insurance and it’s much better to be informed than to just let your agent handle everything.

The most basic coverage that any one person should have on their vehicle is called liability. Outside of this coverage the other most commonly used coverages are the collision and comprehensive coverages. These two coverages are going to be able to provide you some time of safety net for any type of accident that you may find yourself in.

The collision coverage is going to pay out if your vehicle is damage because a collision with another vehicle or other objects. This type of coverage can be expensive depending on how high you set your deductible.

Comprehensive coverage is one that I almost always encourage drivers to get because it will pay out for damages in almost any situation that happens outside of a collision. If your vehicle receives hail damage or has a tree fall on it during a heavy storm then this coverage will come into play. It can also pay for damages that may happen to your windshield or fire damage. You’ll want to study up on this coverage to know exactly what it can pay out for, but it is an optional coverage to add to your plan.

There are several other coverages that you can add to you auto insurance policy. Visit Nelson Nissan cars dealership near Oklahoma City to see what types of coverage they suggest you carry for your vehicle and if you should add on towing coverage, reimbursement coverage, or more.

Things To Know Before Purchasing Auto Insurance Part 3

Insurance Coverages We’ve been discussing the many different factors that are taken into consideration whenever you are given your insurance rates. There are still several other things that we need to discuss just so you know what really effects your monthly premiums.

Most people out there know that your age and gender are going to be taken into consideration for the specific claims group you are put into. Statistics will show that males have more accidents and there are different age brackets that file  more claims than others. If you belong to one of those groups then you may see higher rates. I was actually shocked to learn that marital status had an effect on which group you would be put into. For the most part if you are married you’ll have lower rates than you would as a single individual. The insurance coverages that you’ve had in the past can have an effect on your monthly premiums. If you’ve ever had your coverages cancelled because you have missed payments then you’ll definitely see higher rates once you apply for new coverages. The more you use your vehicle the higher your premium may be. This is because you’re going to be around risk more often. The last thing that will be used to determine your insurance premiums is the type of vehicle you have. If you have a more expensive vehicle like a sports car you’ll have a higher premium. This is likely because you’ll have a higher number of claims due to keeping your vehicle in pristine condition or possibly for driving too erratically.

We here at Nelson Nissan want to make sure that you are well prepared the next time you purchase a new insurance policy. Visit Nelson to look at the new Nissan cars near Coweta to find a vehicle that will give you great premiums.

How To Avoid A Collision Part 4

Two Car AccidentIt’s extremely important that you know the proper steps to take in a collision. This is why we wanted to go ahead and give you a layout of everything that needs to be done if you find yourself in an accident. This can be a scary time, but it’s important that you keep calm throughout this process.

After a collision you should contact 911 immediately if you are able to. As you wait for the proper authorities to come you should check out the scene of the crime. You won’t want to move the vehicles at all until you’re able to snap a couple of photos. These pictures can help the police learn how the accident happened. You can just snap these photos with your cellphone or you could keep a disposable camera in your glovebox.

You will now need to get information from the the other driver involved in the accident. You should write down their name, address, phone number, insurance provider, and their license plate number. If there is anyone that stops who saw the accident you should ask for their information as well. They will likely need to talk to the police.

After you have gathered all the information you’ll want to take some notes of the accident. If you write down everything that happened at the beginning of the collision then you’re more likely to remember all of those small details that could come in handy later on.

You can now call your auto insurance agent to file a claim for the accident. This isn’t something that you’ll have to do immediately, but you do have a certain amount of time that is given to you to file your claim.

Nelson dealer of Nissan cars with service near Sand Springs can help you get your vehicle back into tip top shop after a collision. Call now to schedule an appointment with the service crew or talk with someone there.