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December Sales Numbers For Nissan Group

Nissan DealershipIt’s a great year to be on the Nissan team! We saw some incredible increases in sales numbers for the Nissan lineup for this December and even increases in sales for the entire year. If you aren’t part of the Nissan crew yet then it may be time to jump on board.

For December 2016 we saw a total of 134,545 units sold which is an increase of 8.3 percent and for the whole year they sold 1,426,130 units. This was a pretty excellent sales year for the Nissan lineup. We did see decreases in sales for the cars, but this is alright because the increase in sales for the SUVs, crossovers, and trucks. The Nissan Maxima did increase its sales in December by 10.9 percent and 55.3 percent for the whole year. The Nissan Leaf electric car sold a total of 1,899 units which was a 41 percent increase for the month of December. The Nissan Frontier is an excellent truck and it sold a total of 6,069 units for the month of December and 86,926 units for the entire year. The year over year increase was by 38.4 percent. The Nissan Titan also had an extreme increase for its Decembers sales by 331.8 percent with 4,396 units sold. The best selling vehicle for the Nissan lineup was the Nissan Rogue. This Nissan crossover sold a total of 40,477 units in December and 329,904 units for the entire year. These are both extreme increases and we expect to see even better numbers for the 2017 year. The Pathfinder, Armada, and Murano Sports Utility Vehicles also had incredible sales numbers for the whole year. The Pathfinder sold a total of 9,368 units in December.

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November 2016 Sales Numbers For Nissan

Nissan CarEverything that Nissan does is golden and the proof is in the numbers. Nissan keeps on having increases in the numbers month over month and year over year. This past November Nissan had great numbers and we here at Nelson Nissan are extremely excited that we’re part of the team. The Nissan lineup had an increase of 8 percent from November 2015 selling a total of 103,024 units. The Nissan crossovers, trucks, and SUVs did the best this November having a total increase of 24 percent. The Nissan Titan had the largest increase over November 2015 by 363 percent. The Nissan Titan sold a total of 3,329 units which isn’t the highest selling vehicle of the lineup, but we’re excited to see what the future holds. The Nissan Rogue crossover increased by 18 percent and sold a total of 26,629 units. This vehicle is also up by 11 percent for its year over year sales with a total of 289,427 units sold. This is definitely one of those vehicle that keeps on putting out excellency. The Nissan Murano sold a total of 7,589 units which is an increase from last November by 36 percent. The Murano is also up by 41.6 percent in the year over year sales with a total of 79,072 units sold. The Nissan Pathfinder SUV is doing very well with a total of 6,801 units sold increasing by 34 percent from last November. The Nissan Armada is another great SUV sold by Nelson Nissan which has increased its sales by 114 percent from last November. The Nissan Sentra is down only slightly from November 2015, but it is up over all by 7.6 percent with a total of 197,672 units sold so far this year. The Nissan Maxima has increased its over all yearly sales by 61.2 percent with a total of 57,377 units sold. You can be part of the Nissan team by visit your local Nelson Nissan car dealership near Jenks. Their crew can help you learn all about the vehicles they offer and find you one that fits your needs.

Nissan Sales Numbers For October

Nissan DealershipThe Nissan line up may not have had it’s best October, but they were still able to do some great work on their sales numbers. The Nissan lineup sold a total of 102,312 units for the entire month of October. Even with this month being a little bit of decrease they had some great number for individual vehicles. The Nissan crossovers, trucks, and SUVs had an increase of 12.7 percent for the month of October which is really great. The Nissan Murano sold a total of 10,701 units which is an extreme increase from last month. The Nissan Pathfinder SUV sold a total of 6,421 units which is an increase of 15 percent for the model. The Armada SUV had an increase of 79.4 percent, but only sold 1,740 units. Even though this may not be as many sold as the Murano we are still excited to see such an increase for the Armada. The Nissan Frontier pickup sold 6,364 units increasing 33.6 percent for the month of October. The Nissan Sentra sold a total of 14,168 units for the month of October with only a 5.4 percent decrease for the sedan. Another vehicle that had a great month with just a slight decrease in sales was the Nissan Altima selling a total of 20,257 for the month of October. It’s crazy to think that some of these vehicles had a “bad month” even when they are selling such high numbers. The cars division of Nissan has sold a total of 648,408 units for the year to date sales having only a .9 percent decrease from last years numbers. The Nissan Titan had 260.7 percent increase in sales from last October selling a total 3,181 units. Another vehicle that had a decrease in sales, but still had great numbers was the Nissan Rogue selling at total of 21,179 units. The October truck sales were at 52,341 units increasing 12.7 percent from last October. You’ll also see that they increased by 13.2 percent to 540,153 units sold for year to date sales in the truck division. Whenever you’re ready to be part of the Nissan team you can visit Nelson Nissan dealership to find your own new Nissan cars and SUVs near Bartlesville.

Real Reviews For Your Nelson Nissan

Time For ReviewWe here at Nelson Nissan, new and used Nissan dealer near Muskogee,  take pride in all of the benefits and services that we offer to you. Not only do we offer top of the line Nissan vehicles, but you can also purchase used and certified pre-owned vehicles from us. We also have a great service and parts department to keep your Nissan vehicle at its best all the time. One of the greatest benefits of shopping with Nelson Nissan is that you never have to worry about being taken advantage of by sneaky salesmen. At Nelson no one makes a commission and there aren’t even salesmen. They have a staff of Product Specialists whose main goal is to make sure that you have a stress free shopping experience.

If you don’t want to take our word for it, we totally understand. This is why we are going to show you some of the reviews left by actual customers of Nelson Nissan. Edgar purchased a vehicle on September 3rd his review says, “Wow! So this place is far beyond words exceptional. The service. The salesman the follow up the comfort. Peace of mind. You name it. This was by far one of my most memorable and enjoyable experiences. And of course I got the car I wanted. My salesman was Scott Percival and this guy took care of me along with the sales manager Daniel. And the gm was amazing. I would totally buy from this place again and again. Scott took care of me even after he sold me the car. 50 Years of experience for Nelson and it’s no wonder why this company has stayed in business so long!”

The Nelson Nissan website can offer you even more reviews that our customers have left. Whenever you want to learn more visit us and we’ll send you in the right direction. We’ll make a believer out of you!

Myths Vs. Realities Of Auto Insurance Part 3

Auto Insurance SignIn the last article of this series we talked about the misconception that car color has an affect on your premiums. This of course is not true and if you want to learn more about that you should check “Part 2” of this series. We’re going to talk about the rates that are offered by your auto insurance in this article.

Something that is important for you to know whenever you are working on your new policy is that your rates are not really determined by that person sitting in front of you. You have to understand that your insurer can’t just make up the rates that you want they are regulated by some higher ups and those differ from state to state. In fact, your provider doesn’t really even make this decision because there are regulators who are in charge of all this. Each state will have a crew that reviews each individual auto insurance company. The rates that your insurance company provides you cannot be deviated from at all because of these regulators. Just because you huff and puff doesn’t mean they can offer you anything better than what you’re already getting.

Another very common misconception is what the meaning of Comprehensive Coverage actually means in your policy. The word comprehensive means “including all elements of something” which can be a little bit deceiving for what it actually means in your policy. There are a lot of people out there who would think that this type of coverage would pay for literally anything that could possibly happen to your vehicle which isn’t the case. We are going to dig in a little deeper in the next article of this series. Until then you can visit Nelson Nissan dealership with new Nissan car sales near Oklahoma City to check out the inventory that they have to offer.